Multi-platform publishing for the financial industry.

For more than 12 years, Expressroom has been at the forefront of mission-critical publishing in the Pentagon. With Intelavant, we now offer a secure, multi-platform publishing system for the financial industry.

Intelavant can streamline your production and publishing process. Gather content from multiple sources and integrate it into complete, legally-compliant documents based on your brand standards. Your customers will appreciate the timely information. Your marketing department will appreciate the great looking documents. Your compliance officer will be happy. And your family will love having you home at night.

  • Reduce costs with efficient and flexible document management. Write a document one time and publish it as many times and in as many places as you like. Intelavant can also automate the process of getting your legal disclaimers in the right place in your documents.
  • Target existing and potential clients with traditional paper documents, online, and mobile — all from one system. Create copy for sales and marketing materials one time and for all platforms. Keep your brand assets in one place and prevent “design-drift." Your image is protrayed as you intend, every time.
  • Simple and easy regulatory compliance. Intelavant can easily manage disclosures and other statements in one place so your sales and marketing materials are alway up-to-date and in compliance.
  • Secure Your Documents Intelavant leverages Expressroom's baked-in security features that the Intelligence Community has relied on for more than a decade.  Security is in our DNA.
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