Expressroom takes care of your content, so you can take care of your business.

With XML on the backend, publishing in Expressroom is easy.

Multimedia Publishing

Create and manage your content in one place for mobile, web and print. Stop worrying about keeping multiple versions in sync.


Completely customizable workflow gives you the peace of mind that all your content is approved before it gets published.

Safe Collaboration

Check-in/check-out + versioning keeps group collaboration civilized. No more tripping over each other when deadlines are tight.

Design Your Way

Use the front-end technology you already know: HTML, CSS, Javascript or your favorite framework. Expressroom works with the skill sets you have on hand today.

XML Data

XML gives your content the right amount of structure, so your content can evolve as your business grows. Plan for the future without being locked in the past.


Streamline repetitive processes with rule-based automation. Focus on your content, not on how it gets out there.

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Baked-in Security

At Industrial Medium, we take security seriously. This is why our government clients trust Expressroom with their mission critical publishing.

  • Accredited to PL3. If you know what it is, then you know Expressroom is secure. If you don’t, then trust us, it’s ridiculously secure.
  • Customizable authentication makes it easy to define who can do what. Best of all, it integrates with established PKI and LDAP infrastructures.
  • User and role-based access control clearly defines who can see and edit at every level of the system from content, mark-up and API add-ons.
  • Comprehensive audit logging. See who has changed what and when. You can even see who has tried to access a file, even if they didn’t change anything.
  • Separate sensitive content in secure sandboxes (called "Itembases" in Expressroom parlance).
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Under the Hood

Don't waste time re-inventing the wheel. Expressroom's 100% Java-based technology combined with robust APIs makes our system uniquely flexible and extendible.

  • Enterprise-level stength without the overhead. Expressroom is 100% Java, so it runs just about everywhere. There are no hidden costs to build out your system.
  • XML: simple and elegant. What's not to love about XML? It's easy to read, use, modify and extend. We like to call it “an enabling technology.” Expressroom and XML take care of a lot of unexciting (but necessary) developer concerns, enabling you to focus on issues relevant to your business.
  • The APIs we publish are the same ones we use. You get the same access to our powerful framework, so you can extend Expressroom’s functionality in all sorts of ways.
  • Expressroom plays well with others. Only interested in using Expressroom on the backend? No problem. J2EE content delivery integrates with your existing web applications.

Expressroom IC
The Power of Expressroom, secured for the Intelligence Community

Digital Readbook Suite
Streamlined Publishing with Next-gen Digital Books

Customer Driven

We Love Our Customers

We pride ourselves on being super responsive to our customers. You can pick up the phone anytime and talk directly with a developer. As a small team, we're incredibly flexible and agile, so we can respond quickly to your needs.

We Are Big on Skills

Not only does Expressroom play nice with others, so do we. We've got the skills to use the right technology for your project. Whether it's Java, Windows, MacOS, iOS, Android, and Windows Phone, we can handle it. Read more about our company and meet our team.