Expressroom IC

Robust digital production for secure environments.

If your mission requires the production and dissemination of fully-vetted, sensitive products across multiple security domains, Expressroom IC can help.

Expressroom IC is used today in demanding, mission-critical digital production environments and on watch floors for the dissemination of time-sensitive log entries. It also manages the production of deep-dive products in larger analytical shops. And it’s used everywhere in between.

  • Role-based authentication and access control based on established PKI infrastructures.
  • Customizable workflows ensure products are seen and approved before publication.
  • Increased security and fewer data spills with the aid of the integrated CAPCO Engine.
  • Source Reference Library facilitates the creation and tracking of sources and their citations in products.
  • Guard integration facilitates multi-domain dissemination.
  • Various security features ease ICD 503 compliance and accreditation .

Want your products delivered securely on mobile devices? We've got you covered. Our IC View family of mobile apps runs on a variety platforms, delivering timely and relevant information in an easy-to-use, portable form factor.

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