John Barrett, President

I've been building software since I graduated from Carnegie Mellon University in 1988, and my passion for creating software has never wavered. I've had the opportunity to work on some really interesting and varied projects from satellite command and control systems, to low-level tcp/ip work back when the Web was in its infancy, to highly available and scalable Web applications. Though my experiences have been diverse, they all share the same mission critical theme that has developed my appreciation for exceptionally well-engineered solutions. This, in turn, has influenced my own expectations of myself, my colleagues and the work we do.

I co-founded Industrial Medium Software in 2001 with Nate, and our vision has always been to build a software company that produces high quality, well engineered software products. I am equally comfortable working through a complex business negotiation as I am tracking down the most subtle of performance bottlenecks deep within a complex software system.

Truth be told, I think in Java and I see the data of the world in XML. Yes, I admit it. This is great at the office, but can make for some awkward conversations at home. Ultimately, I strive to be a "gracious professional," a concept I learned while coaching competitive robotics to elementary children as part of FIRST LEGO League (FLL). There I was thinking I was teaching them about engineering, never expecting myself to be the student!

In my free time, I enjoy listening to music, especially live, and I go to many rock shows. And during the cooler months, you'll likely find me at a Washington Capitals hockey game.


Nate Shue, CEO

I like to tinker with things. I've been tinkering with all sorts of hardware and software long before I graduated from James Madison University in 1995. I want to know how something works, why the builder made those decisions, and how could it be made better? These are the sorts of challenges that I enjoy exploring.

I've had the pleasure of working with interesting people on some fascinating projects throughout my career. I've come to appreciate that the best designed software is the software that works, and that is what I always bring to the discussion. Not only "will this work?" but also, "how will this work under these unexpected conditions?" Architecture and design are always necessary, but real world circumstances have to be addressed and overcome. I have the ability to see the big picture and bring it to life in code.

In 2001, I co-founded Industrial Medium Software with John, and our vision has always been to build a software company that produces high quality, well engineered software products. I enjoy working with customers, no matter how many stars they have. I take interactions and observations I make back to the drawing board, ensuring that the software we build is software that works for our customers.

I am a nerd. Perl is my native language but I've been speaking Java without an accent for years. I have a knack for security, and can talk for hours about the strengths and weaknesses of various PKI infrastructures.

Besides my work, I am a coffee aficionado and all-around foodie. And yes, I like beer and wine too. If you're lucky, I'll invite you to dinner sometime.


Bryan Corley, Engineering

Bryan's obsession with technology began before kindergarten when he first sat down in front of his father’s Macintosh Classic II. For 20 years, this passion remained a hobby until he discovered his programming and troubleshooting skills had career potential. Bryan comes to Industrial Medium from the U.S. Marine Corps where he was a sergeant in the aviation field. Here at IM, Byran is a bit of a jack-of-all-trades. You'll find him coding, integrating our software into existing systems, software testing, and providing customer support.

Outside of work Bryan enjoys spending time with his daughter, playing guitar, PC gaming, and martial arts.


Christi Bagford, Operations

Christi is our operations and human resources manager, which is a fancy way of saying she makes sure the train doesn’t come off the tracks. She also takes really good care of us by planning events to help us unwind and have fun outside of the office. Her organizational skills and never-ending desire for efficiency have streamlined many of our operations, allowing us to focus on the projects we enjoy while minimizing the dreaded “busy-work”.

In her free time, Christi enjoys spending time with her friends and family, going hiking with her dog, and you can find her at the occasional Washington Capitals game.


Paul DeMeter, Engineering

Paul is our web application developer, usually on site with our customers. Paul considers himself a jack of all trades, filling roles in sales, marketing, as well as in engineering. Drawing on his wide background, we value Paul for his ability to appreciate our customer's requirements and keeping current with best practices. Our customer's really love Paul too. A few years back, he got to travel the world, showing off our work with the Vice-chairman of the Joint Chief's of staff.

Paul is a former collegiate rower, avid mountain biker and theater aficionado. In his down time, Paul is usually found in front of a laptop helping his 4 year old with ABCMouse or Google's Made with Code, or working on his own homework from an edx.org class.


Michael Gallier, Engineering

Mike is our DevOps Engineer, making sure our customers’ Expressroom systems run smoothly especially when we roll out new features and products. Mike started his career in the Army National Guard where he discovered his love for coding. During his time on active duty, Mike taught himself Java and client-side scripting and his experience in the armed forces gives him unique insight into the challenges of working in the I.C.

Offline, Mike is an avid gamer and movie afficionado.


Omoruyi Evbuoma, Engineering

Omoruyi is our front-end guy. He has a keen eye for taking large amounts of data and presenting it in a clean and efficient way. He's adept at scripting languages, but also has a long history with server-side technologies. Omoruyi loves the challenge of taking a rough idea, polishing it up and creating a solution that works best for the customer. He's also an all around great guy to to work with.

Offline, Omoruyi enjoys an active lifestyle, usually biking or pick-up basketball. If he's not outside, you'll find him tinkering with the latest open-source technology or binging on Netflix's latest show.


Jennifer O'Sullivan, Design

Jen published her first online content to a rarely visited Gopher site in the early 90s. Lucky to live in entrepreneurial New Orleans in the very early days of the Web, Jen was recruited to design GUIs for first-generation e-commerce solutions while working her way through college. After earning degrees in French and International relations, she tossed her first plan to go to law school for the champagne dreams and caviar wishes of the .com boom. Over her 20+ year career in web design and development, Jen has worked on just about every sort of project from t-shirt shop to defense intelligence portals here at Industrial Medium.

Having worked on both sides of the client-vendor relationship, Jen brings a unique perspective to her web projects. She knows just how frustrating it is when you can't get someone on the phone, and how challenging it can be reading people's ever-changing minds. Jen works hard to understand her customers' goals so she can deliver exactly what they want, not what she thinks will look good on her resumé.

Offline, Jen teaches yoga and meditation to stressed out DC professionals. She loves clean food, long road trips, international travel, silent retreats, and really long novels.


Ren Pope, Information Architect

Ren is passionate about information sciences, and is particularly focused on modeling content and data so organizations can better share information. With 20 years experience under his belt, he enjoys writing and speaking about the theory and practice of information sciences, and he regularly represents Industrial Medium at conferences and workshops.

Before joining the private sector, Ren served in the U.S. Air Force in a variety of positions from command, flight simulation and speech writing. He was a key developer on one of the first web-based knowledge management portals in the Air Force.

Offline, Ren likes running around in the outdoors, pushing buttons and turning knobs to make music, and throwing things in barrels to age them.


Brian Williams, Engineering

Brian has always had a passion for serving his country and writing code. When he was 11, Brian took a computer class on an Apple IIc and was hooked. In addition to working with us at Industrial Medium as a Java guy, he is also a part time Cyber Operations Officer in the Air National Guard.

In his free time, Brian enjoys playing video games, watching movies with his wife, and playing with his dog Rocky.

We take pride in our reliable, creative, and secure solutions.

Industrial Medium Software, Inc. Our name says it all.

We're a software company that builds industrial-strength solutions. What our name doesn't tell you is that our focus is on content management. Specifically, mission-critical content management for customers that value security and reliability.

We thrive in environments where the action is fast-paced and stakes are high. And we stand behind our software because we know it will work.

We're a small team with many years of experience. We stay current, and we remember the timeless lessons we've learned that remain true despite changes in technology.

Meet our Founders

John Barrett, President

A graduate of Carnegie Mellon, John is passionate about creating software. He has experience with everything from satellite command and control systems to scalable Web applications. And he really loves XML. More about John.

Nate Shue, Chief Everything Officer

Nate is our MacGyver, and he's deeply committed to making sure our products and custom projects really work. Nate has the unique ability to see the big picture, but also get deep and dirty in the weeds. More about Nate.